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The Jemima Khan Afghan Refugee Appeal was originally launched in April 2001 as the Jemima Khan Jalozai Camp Appeal, intended to provide vital provisions to refugees who had fled Afghanistan as a result of severe drought, and renewed fighting in the north of the country.

The majority of these new refugees in Pakistan were situated in Jalozai camp near Peshawar, otherwise known as "plastic city," because of the thousands of makeshift homes made out of plastic bin-liners. Jalozai was considered by aid workers to be the worst refugee camp in the world.

Since the US-led military strikes on Afghanistan, a further 150,000 refugees were estimated to have entered Pakistan and the Appeal was renamed Jemima Khan Afghan Refugee Appeal focusing more generally on the survival needs of Afghan refugees all over Pakistan both inside and outside the camps.

Knowledge of this particular area and an understanding of local issues give the Appeal influence to advocate for governmental changes and the ability to put available funds to the best possible use.

In two years the Appeal raised over £250,000 through fundraising efforts in UK and Pakistan. We offer heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported this cause, enabling us to distribute relief items and set up a desperately needed specialist medical clinic in each camp in conjunction with Child Advocacy International, as well as an emergency mobile medical unit and a state-of-the-art delivery room at New Shamshatu.

In early 2003 the camp at New Jalozai was closed and 20,000 refugees were moved to an improved camp at Shalman, towards the Afghanistan border, two hours from Peshawar. Here they have proper tents, improved sanitation , as well as food and clean water supplies . And now with our clinic providing secondary healthcare, over 1000 patients are being treated each month. We are able to provide quality specialist medical care at Shalman to deal with acute respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, gynecological problems and to safely deliver the fifteen babies born on average in the camp each month.

At New Shamshatu, there is now good primary care for the 50,000 refugees living there, the majority of whom are women and children. 90% of patients requiring hospital care can be adequately managed in our clinic. The remaining 10% with severe, complex problems are transferred to one of two teaching hospitals in Peshawar.

We plan to continue monitoring the situation in refugee camps in Pakistan, to provide relief items and to work with other accredited agencies operating in the area.

The Jemima Khan Afghan Refugee Appeal was a UK registered charity (registration number 1089279) administered in London under the guidance of its five Trustees, chaired by Jemima Khan.

The Appeal has been established as a Trust whose objectives are the emergency relief and provision of basic survival needs to Afghan refugees, including the distribution of food, clothing, medicines and shelter.