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  child standing in Jalozai camp after a downpour, awash with water and sewage an old refugee woman thanking Jemima Jemima with a refugee child at Jalozai a refugee woman explaining the humiliation they face
  Jemima with some refugee children at the camps Jemima checking the delivery of clay pitchers for water storage Jemima and Maryam Gailani of ARR distributing tents in Jalozai refugee children present their vouchers to collect relief items
  plastic homes at Jalozai in March 2001 refugee woman among the makeshift tents at Jalozai refugee mother and her two sons the clinic's nurse is explaining treatment to Jamrod whose one-year old son has malaria. Jamrod's wife, the boy's mother, had to stay in Afghanistan because she had suffered disabling injuries as a result of the war
  mothers and children waiting to be seen by the doctor at the clinic Faraz with his mother receiving medication for his chest Jemima Khan helps with tent distribution Jemima with ARR who organised the tent distribution at Jalozai, with tent poles stacked in the background
  young girl and her brother collecting a tent man on crutches carrying a tent distributing ground mats at Jalozai makeshift tents and refugees at Jalozai
  refugee children playing Jemima with a new born child born at Jalozai distribution of ground mats and quilts at Jalozai the sea of makeshift tents at Jalozai
  boys laughing outside the clinic at Jalozai a child with severe chest burns being treated at the clinic at Jalozai children waiting to be seen by the paediatrician at the Jalozai clinic view of Shalman Camp
  Shalman indoor ward some patients waiting at the Shalman outpatient clinic ghee (cooking oil) ready for distribution in the Tribal Areas distribution of relief items
wheat flour for distribution in Peshawar distribution of relief items in Peshawar distribution of clothes to children distribution of clothes distribution of clothes to children girl in waiting room at Shalman clinic
  refugees at Shalman camp queuing to collect a package of relief items distribution of clothing to children at Shalman refugee camp young orphans wearing new clothing donated by Tesco young orphans wearing new clothing donated by Tesco